Why a game about death? Because it happens to us all eventually, and this is one way to talk about it that’s fun, lively, and informative.

Whose idea was it? That would be Kimberley and James. She’s an artist and professional grief and trauma therapist, he’s a teacher, historian, and musician. You can find out all about them on our creators page.

How many players do I need? Ideally 3-8, couples and larger groups have played but generally they adjust the rules.

How old should players be? Recommended for 17 and up, but it’s great for mature teenagers. It’s a party game, so think who you’d invite to a party.

How long does it take to learn and play? It’s quick to pick up (we fitted all the rules on to one card) and about 45-90 minutes to play. Find out more on the rules page.

What’s in the box? 162 cards, plus the rules card.

I’ve played it and loved it. Are you planning expansion decks? Yes!

What will they be about?  We’re currently working on two expansion decks, each of 72 cards. The Mortician's Deck, more trivia about death and Memento Mori deck more conversation about death.

When will they be available? Soon! We're hoping to send the files for the Memento Mori deck to the printer in July 2018, and the Mortician's deck will follow shortly after. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the announcements.

Are you planning any other languages than the American English version? We’d love to, and as soon as translations are available we’ll let you know.

Who is your illustrator? The amazing Prem Krishnan drew our Death's-Head Hawk Moth. It’s gorgeous, yes?! We're very proud of it.

Can I get it on a t-shirt or a poster? We did a limited edition print for our Kickstarter backers, and we’re definitely looking forward to putting it on more items (did we say how proud of it we are?).

Who printed this amazing game? Panda Game Manufacturing.

I have a question I think would be great on a card. Can I email it to you? We’re really glad you have questions – after all, we want the game to spark your lively curiosity about death. Unfortunately, we can’t accept submissions for cards at this time.

Will you be offering this through stores? Currently, we’re only offering Morbid Curiosity through our online store, but we’re definitely looking for retail partners. Email us at  morbidcuriositygame@gmail.com. to go on our future vendor mailing list.

Have more questions? Contact us at morbidcuriositygame@gmail.com.