the Rules


Begin by placing both the White and Black decks side-by-side on a table. Next, choose which player will draw first. This player (the Reader) draws a card from the deck of their choice, either black or white, and reads the question aloud to the group. Black cards are awarded to the player who answers the trivia question correctly first. White cards, are personal, intimate, and awarded to those with the most interesting answers. Play continues clockwise until one player collects 7 cards. At which point, they have won and and have won the honor of being the Most Morbid of your group - at least for one night.

Alternative ways to play include just shuffling the deck and adjusting the winning number to accommodate play time. The larger the number, the longer play goes on.

Or, heck, make up your own rules, we're fond of rule breakers.

If experience is any guide, you’ll be sharing stories and challenging each other’s wit and knowledge for the fun of playing rather than winning.

— The Cards —

Black Trivia Cards: Death trivia from history, science, mythology, origin of words, culture, and whatever else we could dig up. Most of these cards are multiple choice by a few true or false to speed the game up, so don't hold back, answer quickly and with authority.

Everyone, except the Reader, competes to answer the trivia question. The card is awarded to the player who correctly answers first - so be quick. Ties are decided by the Reader. The correct answer is on the bottom of the card.

Black All Play Cards: These cards ask players to brainstorm together and create answers that are creative and irreverent. You'll probably want pen and paper for these.

The card is awarded to the most "unique" or "entertaining" answer as determined by the group.

White Discussion Cards: These cards are personal, intimate, challenging, and quirky. They take a bit more time to answer as they'll involve you in a discussion about your experiences and thoughts about death..

Everyone, including the reader, responds to these questions. The card is awarded to the “most interesting” answer as determined by the reader.

For Entertainment Purposes Only