Morbid Curiosity is a wickedly unique party game that creates a delightfully dark evening with friends.


Morbid Curiosity is the fun and intriguing card game about death, providing hours of curious, deep, and irreverent conversation. Now you and your friends and family can explore everything you ever wanted to know about what awaits us all.

Under the watchful gaze of our Death's Head Moth, you’ll find two types of cards: Trivia Cards where players try to correctly answer multiple choice questions, related to all things about the end of life and beyond. Some historical, some factual, even death in pop culture and mythology. Conversation Cards where players give their best answer to thought provoking questions, whether it’s personal, moving, or just hilarious. The first player to collect seven cards wins! It’s that easy, but the real winners are you and your friends, as you find out a little bit more about each other.

So get a copy, kick off your shoes, sit down, and get to know Death a little better.

What People Are Saying...

"Everyone has a little morbid curiosity to satisfy." Cult of Weird

"You can be as sincere or irreverent as you like." Haute Macabre

"You don’t even have to be naturally morbid or already have an interest in the topic of death to enjoy Morbid Curiosity
— though it certainly helps." The Gothic Library

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