Kimberley Mead (Creator)
Kimberley was raised by eccentric parents who frequently traveled abroad, collected rare books and randomly took her to cemeteries for picnics. She works as a grief and trauma therapist in Austin, Texas and is an accomplished photographer and graphic designer. This strange and curious project is her brainchild.

James Young (Co-Creator)
James has a deep background in theatre, a masters in History, and is the front man for the Austin based Irish punk band Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. He’s got a wicked sense of humor and a brilliant brain. A large percentage of the multiple choice answers were thought up by him. So blame him when all the answers seem likely.

Prem Krishnan (Illustrator)
Prem is a Seattle-based mixed-medium artist, whose work always transmits a spiritual aspect. He created the game’s iconic Death's Head Moth motif. He’s worked in the gaming industry for a couple decades as an artist, creative director, and project manager.