Morbid Curiosity - A Game About Death
A wickedly creative new card game invites you to pull up a chair and talk about Death

Which US State has the most cremations? Come up with the *worst* slogan you can think of for a mortuary. Should you flirt with a stranger at a funeral? Is there a monument to dead astronauts… on the Moon? Find out what you don’t know about life’s only certainty.

The brainchild of artist and grief counselor Kimberley Mead and historian and rocker James Young, Morbid Curiosity is the fun and intriguing card game that encourages people to have a delightful time talking about death.

When asked “Why a game about death?” Mead said “We’re fascinated, obsessed even, by death but when do we really get to talk about it?" But can you really have fun talking about death? "Think of it like this: we are all in a relationship with Death whether we like it or not, so why not be on speaking terms? If there's laughter, and you forget that there's a game, that means we've succeeded."

Morbid Curiosity has been so successful, they’ve already published a second deck of discussion questions called “Memento Mori, 72 more cards about death” and have two more trivia decks in the works.

Morbid Curiosity combines death-related trivia with thought-provoking discussion starters. The gameplay is exceedingly simple and easily adjustable. You can play with virtually any number of people. Inside a jet-black box, under an illustration of a Death's-head Hawkmoth, lies a 162-cards.

  • Trivia Cards in the black deck are mostly multiple-choice along with a few “All Play” cards, which generally involve all players playfully challenging each other to brainstorm a creative answer or a list. Everything relates to all things about death and beyond. Some historical, some factual, even death in pop culture.

  • Discussion Cards in the white deck are more personal open-ended questions; each player gives their best answer, whether it’s personal, moving, or just hilarious.

Players go around sharing their stories and knowledge until one player to collect seven cards to win the night! As with all good party games, it relies on your attitude. See, talking about death is easy and fun!

One note, as with all the best party games, cater it like you would a wake. There's something about talking about death that makes you want to eat.


"Everyone has a little morbid curiosity to satisfy." Cult of Weird

"I never really thought that I would be having casual conversations about death with my college classmates, my dad, and my sister’s boyfriend. But this game was able to bring us together to have these conversations all while laughing and having fun.” The Gothic Library

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Look out for our 72-card expansion decks coming soon: The Mortician’s Deck (more trivia about the business of death), and the Post-Mortem Deck (trivia about the corpse).