Interested in Carrying Morbid Curiosity?

We are beginning to appear on the shelves of select stores. If you are interested in carrying Morbid Curiosity please reach out to us. If you wish to purchase multiple copies and are a non-profit or therapy focused organization we may be able to offer you a discount from our retail price - let's talk.

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Tell us a little about your store or organization and why you'd like to carry Morbid Curiosity. We really are interested in who you are!

Things to know:

  • we are looking for unique stores and building a community

  • we do not do commission-based sales

  • we sell in quantities of 36

  • buyer pays shipping which in the US runs about $27 depending on your location

  • the box has a bar code for inventory and sales tracking

  • we suggest a retail price of $24.99

  • the weight of a boxed deck is just under 1 pound