Basic Rules

To being, take the cards out of the box and place the Black Trivia Deck and White Conversation Deck are placed side-by-side on a table.  Choose which player will draw first. This player (the Reader) draws a card from either deck and reads it aloud to the group. Ties are decided by the Reader.

As questions are answered and cards awarded, play continues clockwise around the group. The player drawing the card always decides which type of card they want to play, white or black.

Game ends when one player is awarded 7 cards.  Of course, you can adjust this number according the size of your group. The larger the number, the longer play goes on. You may want to lower the number for larger groups. Or, heck, just play until you want to stop.


Black Trivia Cards: Death trivia from history, science, mythology, origin of words, culture, and whatever else we could dig up. Some of the cards are true or false, but most are multiple choice.

Everyone, except the Reader, compete to answer the trivia question. The card is awarded to the player who correctly answers first. The correct answer is on the bottom of the card.

Black All Play Cards: These cards ask players to brainstorm together and create answers that are creative and irreverent. You might need pen and paper for these.

The card is awarded to the most "unique" or "entertaining" answer as determined by the group.

White Conversation Cards: These cards ask either personal questions about your wishes or experiences with death, or quirky questions about your thoughts about death related adventures - such as haunting and seances.

Everyone responds, including the Reader. The group awards the card to the “most interesting” answer.

For Entertainment Purposes Only