How many players does the game support? Four to ten players can play with the basic deck of 162 cards. Though we’ve played with as few as three and had a delightful time.

What’s the age range? We think the original deck is meant for ages 17+ and up, though we have friends who report that their teenagers love it and it has provoked interesting conversations at home. 

How long does it take to learn and play? Just a few minutes to learn, play time is determined by the group. The deck includes a game instructions card.

What will be included with the game? The core deck consists of 162 cards all about death, a box, and an instructions card.

Are you planning expansion decks? Yes...

What are expansion decks?  They will consist of 52 cards, primarily trivia, focusing on a single topic. The first expansion deck is already in development, currently named “The Undertaker’s Deck”, it will challenge your knowledge about what happens to dead bodies and what goes on at the funeral home.

If I combine the MC and the expansion decks, will I be able to separate them again? Yes! The back of the cards will be identical, but the face cards will have a unique icon at the top that will help you separate the decks.

Will the game come in any other languages? For right now, we only offer the American English version. When that changes, we’ll let you know.

Who is your illustrator? The amazing Prem Krishnan. He will also be doing the illustrations for our expansion decks.

Who printed this amazing game? Panda Game Manufacturing.

What if I have a question that I think would be perfect for the game? We’re working on a way for folks to suggest new cards. Of course we’d like you to play the game first. And remember, if you suggest a question it will be ours to use (or not), and we might modify it. You’ll retain no rights or privileges. Sorry.

Will you be offering this wholesale? We’re working on this, please email us so that we can discuss further.

Have more questions? Contact us at or for orders and wholesale questions